Draft Itinerary for Sparkling Surfaces Workshop

Workshop Leaders : Andrew Logan, assisted by Sophie Knight

Venue : Diggi Palace

Workshops run from Sunday 3rdFebruary to Sunday 10 thFebruary 2019

Introductions and Welcome Tea, Sunday 3rdFebruary, 4.30 – 6pm:

You will be introduced to the Workshops programme, and meet your teachers and fellow participants to discuss the week’s itinerary.

Day 1, Monday 4 th February, 10 – 4 pm:

In the atmospheric surroundings of Diggi Palace, Andrew will introduce you to the processes you will use during the workshop, and help you formulate your individual ideas for the week ahead. They could be pieces of eye-catching jewellery or sculpture, personalised picture frames, mirrors or boxes, or other small home & personal accessories.

You will then visit the fascinating old city bazaars with Andrew and Sophie, to buy a collection of glass and mirror pieces, semi precious stones, coloured threads, sequins, glass beads, glitter & bright pigments of your choice, to use in decorating your selected objects. It is very important to find as many different jewels and embellishments as possible, in order to have a store of interesting objects to work with for the rest of the week.

8.30 - 11pm: Evening Concert at Diggi

Day 2, Tuesday 5 th February, 10 – 4pm:

Under the guidance of Andrew, you will decide what you want to make, and plan out your individual designs. The process will include preparation of some of the surface materials to be used, such as papier mache, plywood, plaster and resins. You will begin your piece and there will be a demonstration by Andrew, divulging some of his secrets of making and using resin to create wonderful sparkling surfaces.

Day 3, Wednesday 6 th February, 10 – 1 pm:

You will continue to work on your individual pieces of art. You will experiment with creating mosaics, and decorating with mirror, glass and materials bought from the markets.

2pm: Workshops Expedition to a place of historical and artistic interest

Day 4, Thursday 7 th February, 10 – 4 pm:

You will continue to work on your pieces at your own pace.

8.30 - 11pm: Evening Concert at Diggi

Day 5, Friday 8 th February, 10 – 4pm:

There will be a morning visit to the magnificent Fort Palace at Amber, the ancient capital of Rajasthan, to see the jail work, mirror-decorated rooms and painted elephants.

You will have lunch at Anokhi café, and in the afternoon, return to Diggi to work on your pieces.

Day 6, Saturday 9 th February, 10 – 1pm:

You will be shown how to clean and polish the finished surfaces to achieve a perfect result. You will finish off your work in preparation for the final exhibition.

6 – 8pm: Evening Concert at City Palace

Day 7, Sunday 1 0 th February

11 – 1pm: Workshops Exhibition on the Diggi Lawns

1.30 – 4pm: Traditional Rajasthani Farewell Lunch at the privately owned Saba Haveliin the old walled city of Jaipur. There will be plenty of photographic possibilities and the opportunity for kite flying.

This marks the end of the Wonderful Workshops programme.

Please note:

Additional shopping in the bazaar is optional and not included in your workshop fee.

Whilst everything will be done to ensure your safety during the course of these workshops, you agree to participate at your own risk.

We recommend that you bring an apron for this workshop


Andrew Logan is a well-known artist, sculptor & jeweller, internationally acclaimed for his witty and vibrant work, which ranges from tiny jewels to gigantic sculpture. He has had numerous exhibitions world-wide and executed major public commissions He is a sought-after designer of sets & costumes for theatre & ballet and is the innovator of the Alternative Miss World event. In 1991 he founded the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture in Wales, which regularly holds music, fashion and visual arts festivals


Sophie Knight is a painter and sculptress, who has exhibited in both solo and group shows across America.