Draft Itinerary for Stitches of the Desert Workshop

Workshop Leaders : Lucy Goffin and Rachna Singh

Venue : Anokhi Studios, Jagatpura

Workshops run from Sunday 2nd February to Sunday 9thFebruary 2020

Please meet on the Diggi Lawn to leave at 9.15am each day

Introductions and Welcome Tea, Sunday 2nd February, 4.30 – 6pm:

You will be introduced to the Workshops programme, and meet your teachers and fellow participants to discuss the week’s itinerary.

Day 1, Monday 3rd February, 10 – 4pm:

Faith Singh, founder of Anokhi, will give an introductory talk at the studio, and you will be shown examples of beautiful traditional embroideries in her wonderful personal collection, with reference books to be browsed. Lucy and Rachna will then help you draw up and decide on your work plan, and you can select fabrics from the available samples.

After lunch there will be a trip to Bapu bazaar in the Old City to source materials and gather inspiration from a fabulous four-storey haberdashery emporium selling cottons and silks, mirrors, sequins, beads and metallic ribbons. Afterwards we will visit the Anokhi shop for shopping and tea.

8.30 - 11pm: Evening Concert at Diggi

Day 2, Tuesday 4th February, 10 – 4pm:

A full day at Anokhi Studio: under the guidance of your tutors, your projects will start to take shape. Using a variety of threads and materials, you will produce your own running sampler of stitches alongside the pieces you have chosen to make.

Day 3, Wednesday 5thFebruary, 10 – 1pm:

In the morning you will visit OjjasPrintworks, where you will see printers doing specialist gold and silver printing and sample the techniques hands-on, in order to embellish your own work.

2pm: Workshops Expedition to places of historical and artistic interest, including the Anokhi Museum.

8.30 - 11pm: Evening Concert at Diggi

Day 4, Thursday 6thFebruary, 10 – 4pm:

You will continue with your projects andgain hands-on experience of the extensive range of decorative embroidery and stitches typical to the region, with the help of local embroidery ladies demonstrating their skills.

Day 5, Friday 7thFebruary, 10 – 4pm:

Youwill continue to work on your pieces. A local Patwa Wallah, maker of beautiful braids, pompoms, loops and buttons, will demonstrate his skills, which you can use to decorate your creations.

In the afternoon, we will be visiting the newly restored magnificent rural fort of the Diggi family, for an evening of celebration, banquet and live music.

3pm: Drive to Diggi Fort

4.30pm: Tea and Diggi village walk

6 – 7pm: Sunset Concert and Cocktails

7pm: Dinner

9.30pm: Carriages to Diggi

Day 6, Saturday 8thFebruary, 10 – 1pm:

At the Studio for the last time, you will complete the stitching processes, detailing, making up and decorative finishing of your chosen articles, in preparation for the final exhibition.

Day 7, Sunday 9thFebruary

11 – 1pm: Workshops Exhibition on the Diggi Lawns

1.30 – 4pm: Traditional Rajasthani Farewell Lunch at the privately owned Saba Haveliin the old walled city of Jaipur. There will be plenty of photographic possibilities and the opportunity for kite flying.

This marks the end of the Wonderful Workshops programme.

Please note:

Whilst everything will be done to ensure your safety during the course of these workshops, you agree to participate at your own risk

Itineraries may be subject to minor modifications due to local factors

Additional shopping in the bazaar is optional and not included in your workshop fee.


Lucy Goffin is one of the leading textile artists of UK, producing individual pieces to commission and for couture collections, and large works for public spaces. Her work has been acquired by the Art Institute of Chicago, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Shipley Museum & the Crafts Council collection.

Rachna Singh is a textile artist & teacher at the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, specializing in embroidery and print design. She has also worked for the National Project Design Bank, where she archived the traditional embroideries of India

Anokhi Studios, founded by Faith Singh, is renowned for its ongoing revival of textile skills in Rajasthan and its alternative role model for good business practice in India. The company is distinguished by its distinctive prints, wide range of colours and quality of production, and also specialises in traditional techniques such as appliqué, embroidery, patchwork and beadwork.